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Complete Sales Closure- End to End Sales Process

A Step By Step Guide by-Lead Mines Media

The "Complete Sales Closure" Phases and intensive Strategy to close the sales with the Tele Calling

There will be THREE phases of the Advertisement we are going to follow:

1) 1st Phase:
(This will continue for two months, will Create 30 Creatives and 4 GIF Videos in this)

    • Social Media Optimization
    • Creating Catchy Content
    • Creating Attractive Creative images which will create Strong Recall Value of your Product in Viewers Mind
    • Sharing those creatives in relevant Pages or groups so we can get good organic reach & Impression on the Post & Page
    • Getting the organic post and page likes

2) 2nd Phase:
(Will Start after 15 Days of your first post with Sponsored ads for Lead Generation)

    • Setting up Lead Generation Campaigns
    • Designing attractive Campaign Content & Creatives
    • Retargetting the Customers with Push & Pull Method
    • Sending Leads on Daily basis on mail
    • Will start Lead Generation campaign after 15-20 Days of first posting done on the page.

For the Second Phase Campaign Budget, we will keep as Rs 10000 (Rs 500 a Day)  We can Expect approximately 5-10 Daily and 150 to 180 Leads in 20 Days. Generally, Facebook always gives the base Conversion Ratio of approximately 07 to 10%. But in our case, it will be on the little higher side because of the rigorous Follow up by the Call Center.
(Please Note Number of leads and closure are depend on various factors these are tentative figures mentioned above)


 3) 3rd Phase:
(It Will start after the lead Generation is started for Filteration and conversion of leads into Sales it will continue for 45 days)

    • Call Center Team To Call that Leads which we have Generated through the Campaing  and Understand their requirement and make then understand your Product or Services Features and USP, Will do follow up with them for meetings or Closures. and to Convert that LEAD into CONFIRMED SALES.

      So its an End to End process from Branding to Lead Generation to Lead Closing by Tele Calling Services.

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