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Digital Sales Funnel

Digital Sales Funnel

Auto pilot your Social Media Lead Generation

Build a perfect plan to improvise your business on Digital platforms.
Here are some ways to start for better business growth.
With the following steps, you can see the growth that you always imagined of


Deliverables of Digital Sales Funnel

  • Website Basic SEO
  • Meta Tagging
  • Image Optimization 
  • Keyword Feeding
  • Permalink Creation
  • Landing Page Creation with Content
  • Whats app Chat integration in the website 
Interactive Video & Image Ads
  • 4 Video Ads for traffic on the Website
  • 2d Animation explainer Video of 60 Seconds for Landing Page
  • 20 Creative Images
  • Facebook Posting and Sharing
Facebook Ads
  • Pixel Set up-Base Pixel & Event Pixel
  • Facebook Ads for traffic on Website
  • Retargeting ads of Actual Product
  • Retargeting to the People who :
    • Who filled lead form in last 365 days
    • People who interacted on facebook
    • Website Vistors
    • Looklike Audience
    • Landing Page Vistors

Client Testimonials


  • This will help you to save your monthly expenses of the social media whether it is manpower or paying to the Agencies.
  • It’s a onetime set up on your website and in the Facebook ad account which will unable you to get the Genuine Leads by just doing recharge in the ad account.
  • Instead Showing Direct Sales Ads to Customer we are Nurturing them first to Convert from Cold traffic to Sales
  • It Create Strong Recall Value of your Service or Product which can Encourage Cold traffic to go upto Sales
    Traditional Sales or Tele Calling is Not Cost Effective and the ROI is Very Less
  • Less investment with high ROAS (Return on Ad Spent)
  • Will Train your People on how to take the Reports or Adding the Facebook Ad manager Balance and other needed things
  • Looklaike audience will help you to create Audience which you may have not targeted but Facebook will help to find them
  • Retargetting ads to Generate the Leads

Fees- Rs 50000 for one time set up of all above Deliverables

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