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Meme's Marketing

Let's make your brand viral

In This Digital Era Making a Brand Viral is Not Easy But Can Be Fun.

Meme Marketing is the best way to grab the attention of your audience as an average person spends less than 4 seconds per content

Overview of services

Over 3 billion people use social media & 60% of them use it as a stress buster. An average millennial looks at 20-30 memes per day and forward it ahead if they find it funny.

Some of the sample meme created previously


Explanation of the service

The images on the Memes are light hearted and emotes better than words. Memes tend to go viral as they are based on the current trend

Client Testimonials


  1. Memes are the language of the digital universe
  2. MEMEs are humorous and relatable 
  3. They are shared most on the internet 
  4. Memes generate higher visibility & are very engaging 
  5. Memes can go viral very fast 
  6. They have an amazing recall value 
  7. Memes generate more impressions, traffic and likes on social media 
  8. Regular marketing yields 5% engagement but memes create 10 times more engagement 
  9. Meme makes a brand look trendy 
  10. Memes are an easier way to represent complex concepts 

Fees- Rs 50000 for one time set up of all above Deliverables


  • Understanding the tone of the brand 
  • Identifying the objective or the concept behind communication
  • Analyzing the images that needs to be used for communication 
  • Generating captions for the image 
  • Sharing it on the social media pages and relevant social media groups 
  • Analysing the  current trend for making memes
  • Using relevant Hashtags to gain higher reach 
  • Enquiry form 
  • MEME shared on social media pages and relevant groups with brand logo 
  • Shared amongst people 
  • Great brand recognition

Fees- Rs 50000 for one time set up of all above Deliverables

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